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LoyalCrowd rewards users to invest
their attention to your ads. LoyalCrowd
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engaged users - real fans.

KPIs That Moves Your Business
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Brand Safe and Viewed-thru


Verified Comprehension


1St Party Data-Targeting


Purchase Intent Captured

Working With


Full Attention And
Focus On Your Ads!

LoyalCrowd users are rewarded with the best experiences from their idols, communities and tribes. In order to get these rewards, they will invest their time and attention to your ads. You can use this unique marketing channel to skyrocket your sales and/or installs.

• Enough of trying to “cut through the clutter”.

• Enough of 1% click-thru rates being considered heroic.

• Enough of fake clicks wasting budgets.

• Enough of the false promise of programmatic algorithms and their underwhelming results.

• Enough of cheap impressions being championed over meaningful engagements.

Our users Are
Motivated To Engage!

Target highly motivated fans inside the world's biggest communities!
LoyalCrowd placements are in apps and websites of:

• Sports Clubs and Players

• Actors and Artists

• Bands and Singers

• Social Media influencers

You don't have to figure out crazy

Rather than wasting time figuring out how Google, Facebook and Twitter ads are working and collecting impressions and bots traffic, you can use LoyalCrowd to find the most motivated, rewarded users who are willing to invest their attention to your ads. If you are looking for more than just impressions, views and bot traffic, LoyalCrowd is the right place.

The era of impressions and views
is over!

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